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I am Mandy. Male. 27. I work on interesting indie software projects, projects with big scope & application yet shallow pockets for a commercial release. I call myself an entrepreneur exploring possibilities. What is really relevant, is what the matters, the big questions of life Technology is growing at an astounding rate, exponentially not linearly like us, so can we really grow with it? It is gonna outrun us in no more than 50 years and rightfully so. What I seek is the meaning of life. Philosophy, Psychology & Physics gives us different perspectives yet they all tell us - things are not what they seem. If that's the case, our sense of the world must have been deranged by functional models of survival. Psychonauts can experience different levels of consciousness, so why is any one level better, or why is there a need to find one. Whatever the case, a single conscious soul doesn't make up for much, like a single cell of the brain, but what it produces collectively - the subjective consciousness, is beyond definition and hence science - the hard problem of philosophy. But what the humans make up collectively , is yet more complex. Likewise, the collective human organism called humanity has to learn to wake up. I for one think for our collective evolution we need free Counterculture models for society and family. I advocate polyamory for one, flat hierarchy in work space & NGO based government services where we vote for NGOs not a single cell of the brain If you wanna connect to discuss these ideas more, feel free to send me a message below:

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  • +91-85660441011
  • SCO 281/2 Sec 32-D Chandigarh
  • mandy.sidana@gmail.com
  • MandySidana.com


Cloud Applications Architecture

I offer consulting on modern cloud applications architecture. If you need consulting for your app, what technologies you should use, I can be of help.

Psychology & Big Data

Our product psychd.me is all about psychology and using big data to mine patterns in user behavior. Get in touch know more about our platform.

Construction & Remodeling

I have 3 years of experience in construction & interior design, including buildings, hospitals, restaurants especially in high altitude locations.


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